Hormone therapy for transgender

The optimal ranges listed for testosterone only apply to individuals taking bioidentical hormones in the form of testosterone including esters and do not apply to those taking synthetic AAS e. While the therapy cannot undo the effects of a person's first puberty , developing secondary sex characteristics associated with a different gender can relieve some or all of the distress and discomfort associated with gender dysphoria , and can help the person to "pass" or be seen as the gender they identify with. The adverse side effects of injected testosterone esters are generally associated with high peak levels in the first few days after an injection. Many of these differences are described in the Desmond Morris book Manwatching. Other formulations exist but are more difficult to come by in the United States. The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association Standards of Care permit from Tanner Stage 2, but do not allow the addition of gender-appropriate hormones until 16, which could be five or more years. This form of HRT is given as one of two types, based on whether the goal of treatment is feminization or masculinization:.

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Transgender hormone therapy

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My Gender Workbook, Updated: The Endocrine Society stated in that individuals should either have a documented three months of RLE or undergo psychotherapy for a period of time specified by their mental health provider, usually a minimum of three months. Some LGBT health organizations notably Chicago's Howard Brown Health Center [3] advocate for an informed consent model where the patient must only prove that they understand the risk [4] and consent to the procedure in order to access hormone therapy. Mixed mechanism of action: The sex steroids do have important other functions. Some organizations — but fewer than in the past — require, based on guidelines such as the Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People , that patients spend a certain period of time living in their desired gender role before starting hormone replacement therapy. Individuals cannot be diagnosed with transsexualism if their symptoms are believed to be a result of another mental disorder , or of a genetic or chromosomal abnormality.

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Testosterone undecanoate is also much more expensive as it is still under patent protection. The lozenges can cause gum irritation, taste changes, and headache but most side effects diminish after two weeks. Transgender men who have any bleeding after the cessation of menses with androgen therapy should have an endometrial biopsy and possibly an ultrasound done to rule-out endometrial cancer. Progonadotropins Sex steroid antagonists via disinhibition of the HPG axis: Demegestone Promegestone Trimegestone Testosterone derivatives: Most trans men report an increase of energy and an increased sex drive.

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