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All children deserve an open future that respects their bodies, their sexuality, and their human rights. Latest Blog Posts No more excuses: What's more, this reduction in risk was statistically significant. Researchers in Australia created a mathematical model to simulate the impact that circumcision might have on the HIV epidemic among gay and bisexual men. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: Gays and lesbians have friends, colleagues, and family members who they can educate with the facts about natural genital form and function and dispel the myths of circumcision. In several high-income countries gay and bisexual men are disproportionately affected by HIV infection and other sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis.

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In light of the resurgence of HIV infections, researchers and health policy planners in high-income countries are assessing different opportunities for interventions that might have an impact on the HIV pandemic in these countries. This may partially explain why unprotected anal sex between men has always been associated with a greater risk for HIV transmission for both insertive and receptive partners when compared to heterosexual intercourse. The longer the contact the more time HIV has to overcome this barrier. Being un circumcised did not confer any increased risk for HIV infection among men who had insertive anal intercourse. What's more, data from HIV test results suggest that since HIV infections in the following countries are increasing among men who have sex with men:.

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Putting their findings into perspective, the Australian team made this statement: An analysis of these studies found that circumcision did not provide any statistically significant protection from STIs. Even the medical practice of circumcision in North America is rooted in Victorian-era anti-sexual beliefs. Some HIV-positive men hold the incorrect assumption that having a low or undetectable level of HIV in the blood means that virus levels are also low in the semen—and that therefore they can have unprotected sex without risk of infecting another person. There is no evidence from any prospective randomized study that circumcision would have a similar protective impact on gay men. Public Health Agency of Canada.

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